We're Dementia Friendly Dereham

We’re here to provide help and support for anyone in the local area who has recently
been told they or their close friends and family have dementia.

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Welcome to Dementia friendly dereham

The Dereham Dementia Friendly Group is made up of volunteers who are based at the Dereham Meeting Point, on St.Withburga Lane near the parish church.

We are a group of like-minded individuals from a range of different backgrounds who have been growingly aware of the impact of Dementia on the lives of people in our community...

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The brain is the most complex part of your body, it is the window to the world we live in, sights, sounds and sensations. The brain helps us to make sense of all that is going on around us...

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When someone lives with dementia it is very difficult both for themselves and for those who live around them, family and friends or who even care for them on a daily basis...

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Our Goal

As a group we have a simple goal which is ..to provide information and guidance for carers and people living with Dementia in our local community..of Dereham and district.

dementia awareness in our community

We also want to contribute to the dementia awareness work in our community engaging with local business including shops, schools, churches and other volunteer groups.

Later this year we are launching an Information Centre at The Meeting Point which will be a source of further information and guidance. The Meeting Point also has leaflets, other sources of information and dates of events to support you further.

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